About us

Trust Subsidiary Production Co. (Trust S.P. Co.) enjoys a vast and varied experience in the technical, commercial and financial aspects of procurement for steel mills and foundries such as the state owned Mobarekeh Steel Co., Khuzestan Steel Co. and Isfahan steel Co. as well as privately owned entities in the oil and gas industries as well as refineries and drilling companies.

For such reasons we intend to supply a portion of the requirements of the companies within our industry as well as assisting and advising them in the  export of their products,  with best quality and shortest delivery time. It should be noted that the owners and directors of our company are all family members. The vast experience should give us ability to segregate different industries in the best way possible.

Whereas base on empiricism difficulties and hassle of industries especially in steel plants was apparent with one team of young fondness engineers  this important goal can be reached.


Why trust us

After forty two years of extensive activities in the private and state sectors, particularly in the management of medium and large steel plants, I believe that our vast experience in this field should be utilized for the expansion of commercial activities of such companies.

Considering our experiences and our familiarity with the challenges and difficulties facing industry in general and the steel sector in particular, we have embarked on designing a ‘system’ for those young enthusiastic men and women who wish to enter these fields. This is the primary reason for the establishment of the company.

The most valuable asset we have gained in these 42 years is the trust of our friends and colleagues within the steel industry and we are determined to use this asset for the progress and betterment of our steamed clients.

During last 42 years what I have obtained is the element of trust and that element would be my score for starting my business and putting my full efforts to provide best services in our scope of business and this why we are well-earned the trust of our clients.


Massage of director

What is been obtained during 42 years trusty of people to me and honor to that and nowadays able to say colloquies and clients that except effort and endeavor for fulfil organization’s mission finally this trust is the biggest asset of me in this starting time.

Abbas Vardinejad