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TrustSubsidiary Production Co. (Trust S.P. Co.)

Trust S.P. Co.

Trust Spco enjoys a vast and varied experience in the technical, commercial and financial aspects of procurement for steel mills and foundries as well as privately owned entities in the oil and gas industries as well as refineries and drilling companies. For such reasons we intend to supply a portion of the requirements of the companies within our industry as well as assisting and advising them in the export of their products, with best quality and shortest delivery time. It should be noted that the owners and directors of our company are all family members. The vast experience should give us ability to segregate different industries in the best way possible. Whereas base on empiricism difficulties and hassle of industries especially in steel plants was apparent with one team of young fondness engineers this important goal can be reached

Oil & Gas

Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum. Some chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, or renewable sources such as corn or sugar cane. The two most common petrochemical classes are olefins (including ethylene and propylene) and aromatics (including benzene, toluene and xylene isomers). Oil refineries produce olefins and aromatics by fluid catalytic cracking of petroleum fractions. Chemical plants produce olefins by steam cracking of natural gas liquids like ethane and propane. Aromatics are produced by catalytic reforming of naphtha. Olefins and aromatics are the building-blocks for a wide range of materials such as solvents, detergents, and adhesives. Olefins are the basis for polymers and oligomers used in plastics, resins, fibers, elastomers, lubricants, and gels. Iran’s petrochemical industry has many advantages for investment and increasing the upstream sector of the industry, diverse investment opportunities and profitability in the petrochemical downstream industries, and the presence of new investors can be prevented sold raw. Now, according to the existing capacities in the field of feed more than 61 million tons of petrochemical projects with physical improvements 5 to 97 percent of the country is under way, with the realization that it would invest 40 billion dollars are needed annually over $ 32 billion to the country’s foreign exchange earnings. Shoka Trading Company is honored to Cooperation petrochemical and refinery industry in the field of supplier products and equipment they need to work. We can supply any Petrochemicals are chemical equipment and products 

Iron & Steel

FAEN Iron & Steel Today Life is unimaginable without steel. Global production of steel more than 1.5 billion tons of steel per year, about ten times the total production of non-ferrous materials. What can be said is that the alloy steel as the material of construction and engineering will remain so for decades to come. Steel making start at largest steel factories with blast furnace or DRI furnace. The next step is performed in steel mills, where the molten metal by controlled oxidation during subsequent operation becomes steel. After casting and solidification of molten steel, rolled in rolling mills is done until the final product. Currently, crude steel production capacity is 24 million tons that estimated to reach 32 million tons in 2017, and assessment shows in 2025 can produce 55 million tons steel per year., Iran’s position in the steel industry from the current fourteenth rank seventh in the world will be upgraded, With capacity to produce 55 million tons of crude steel per year. In the meantime, with the aim of increasing the added value in the steel industry, it is also appropriate upstream supply chain, will be completed. So that production capacity of iron ore concentrate and pellets respectively around 31 and 22 million tons “current time” on 50 and 48 million tons by “2017 ” and the 72 and 85 million tons by “2025” is targeted. Sponge iron production capacity from the current 22 million tons to 35 million tons in “2017” and 54 million tons until “2025” appears. Shoka Trading Company is honored to Cooperation Company producing iron and steel industry in the field of supplier products and equipment they need to work. We can supply any steel making equipment and products such as: